Silymarin Extract/Milk Thistle Extract

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    • CAS No:65666-07-1
    • Shelf Life: 2 years
    • Appearance :Yellow Brown Powder
    • Test Method :HPLC
    • Used part :Seed

Milk Thistle Extract /Silymarin Extract Product Description

Milk thistle is a plant named for the white veins on its large prickly leaves. One of the active ingredients in milk thistle called silymarin is extracted from the plant’s seeds. Silymarin is believed to have antioxidant properties. Milk thistle is sold as an oral capsule, tablet and liquid extract.

Silymarin is a flavonolignans extracted from the milk thistle Silybum marianum (L.) gaernt. Silymarin has been shown to possess various pharmacological properties like hepatoprotective, antioxidant, antiinflammatory, anticancer, and cardioprotective activities.

What Is Milk Thistle Good For?

Many plants exert beneficial effects on liver function. However, the most impressive research has been done on milk thistle extracts (Silybum marianum). Much of the health benefits of milk thistle extracts are due to the concentration of silymarin, a complex of flavonoid compounds that significantly protect the liver from damage and enhance detoxification processes. Silymarin components are among the most potent liver-protecting substances known.

Milk thistle extract can protect the liver from damage and regenerate new, healthy liver cells to replace the old damaged ones. And it’s not just the liver that milk thistle helps. Research has also found that milk thistle extract can help repair and regenerate kidney cells, increasing kidney cell replication by 25%-30%. The kidneys are another essential aspect of detoxification.

Milk thistle extracts (usually standardized to contain 70% silymarin) have shown various beneficial effects in human clinical trials, many of which are related to improving liver function. When liver function improves, it allows this organ to do its job. As a result, improvements are noted in blood sugar control, cholesterol and fat metabolism, and general health.

Milk Thistle Extract /Silymarin Extract Specification

PRODUCT NAME Silymarin extract/Milk Thistle Extract
CAS No 65666-07-1
appearance Yellow Brown Powder
Test Method HPLC
Molecular formula C25H22O10

What is Milk Thistle Extract/silymarin extract?

Milk thistle extract is a type of flavonoid lignan compound extracted from the seed coats of the medicinal plant Silybum marianum. It is yellow or brown in color, and bitter in taste.

It is soluble in acetone, ethyl acetate, ethanol, and methanol, but hardly soluble in chloroform, and insoluble in water. The main active ingredients in milk thistle are silybin, isosilybin, silydianin, and silychristin.

Milk thistle is an annual or biennial herb that originated in southern Europe and North Africa. It has been cultivated and used in Europe and Africa for thousands of years, which is a folk medicinal plant. Silymarin is widely used in the treatment of liver diseases and cardiovascular diseases.

 Milk Thistle Extract Function

  • Silymarin powder can protect the liver by promoting the growth of new life.
  • Milk thistle extract is an antioxidant or free radical scavenger.
  • Milk thistle extract Silymarin will promote the secretion of bile and inflammation.
  • Milk thistle extract powder prevents the damage of alcohol, chemical toxin, and heavy metals.

Milk Thistle Extract Applications

  • Medicine and health food
  • Functional food
  • Health products
  • Nutritional supplements
  • Food nutrient fortifier

How does silymarin extract help the liver?

Silymarin  is actually a group of flavonoids (silibinin, silidianin, and silicristin), which are thought to help repair liver cells damaged by alcohol and other toxic substances. Silymarin also protects new liver cells from being destroyed by these same toxins.

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