Yucca Extract Functional

September 16th 2022 0 Comments
Yucca Extract Functional

Yucca extract of functions many biological  are related to its active components, and its main active components include:

steroid saponins, polysaccharides, resveratrol and phoenix orchid polyphenols.

1. Steroid saponins

Steroidal saponins are the most important active components of yucca extract and the most well-studied component.

Saponin contains a lipophilic group called sapogenin, and one or more hydrophilic sugar branched chains.

It is a natural surfactant or emulsifier, which is conducive to the emulsification of oil and promotes the digestion of monoglycerides. absorption, thereby improving the utilization rate of oil.

The hydrophobic part of saponin is linked with the hydrophobic group of cholesterol in the form of micelle superposition in mucosal cells to form a complex to affect the permeability of intestinal cells.

In a similar manner, saponins also have antiprotozoal activity by binding to cholesterol at the protozoan cell membrane, disrupting the integrity of the protozoan cell membrane, resulting in cell lysis.

2. Polysaccharides

Polysaccharides, especially functional oligosaccharides formed by connecting multiple monosaccharides through glycosidic bonds, are an important active ingredient in yucca extracts.

It is not digested by the digestive enzymes secreted by the animal itself, and enters the back part of the intestinal tract as a chemical prebiotic to promote the growth and reproduction of beneficial bacteria, and can effectively inhibit the proliferation of pathogenic bacteria, maintain the stable structure of the intestinal microflora, and promote the intestinal tract. healthy.


In addition, as a nutrient, polysaccharide can be decomposed and utilized by intestinal probiotics such as Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium, and can also be combined with intestinal ammonia molecules to be fully utilized as a nitrogen source for intestinal microbial fermentation.


At the same time, it can effectively regulate the acid-base balance of the intestine, make the activity of digestive enzymes higher, and improve the utilization rate of nutrients such as protein, vitamins and minerals.

3. Polyphenols

Yucca extract contains two unique polyphenols, resveratrol and fenugreek polyphenol, which have strong binding ability to amino groups.


Yucca extract may also have the ability to reduce ammonia gas.

In addition, the anti-infective effect of resveratrol is remarkable.

As a signaling molecule, nitric oxide (NO) plays an important role in physiological functions such as immune regulation and neurotransmission, but excessive NO is cytotoxic and accompanied by inflammation.

Marzocco and other studies have shown that yucca polyphenols can inhibit the expression of nitrogen oxygenase (iNOS). NF-κB is a transcription factor that regulates the expression of iNOS gene. Therefore, yucca polyphenols exert a strong anti-infective effect by inhibiting the activity of NF-κB.


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