Vitamin d3 of the role

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Vitamin d3 of the role

Vitamin D3 function and the role is to prevent vitamin D deficiency and treat chronic calcemia.

Vitamin D3 function and of the role?

1. It can prevent patients with lack of vitamin D and pancreatic insufficiency.

2, can treat chronic blood calcium. Vitamin D3 is effective in promoting the absorption of trace elements such as calcium and phosphorus.

If it is lacking in the body, calcium cannot be sacrificed well, which will lead to osteoporosis.

Second, how to supplement vitamin d3?

1. Vitamin D is mainly used to prevent rickets.

The most important source of vitamin D is sunlight.

When the sun shines, you can choose morning or afternoon.

During this time, the damage of ultraviolet rays is the least, and it can also play a role in supplementing vitamin D.

2. Most animal foods are also rich in vitamin D3.

You can usually eat more fish, mushrooms or eggs, and you can also add a certain amount of it to yourself.

3. Supplement with vitamin D preparations.

In a normal full-term newborn, the dose is generally around 400 to 800 units.

In the case of premature or low birth weight newborns, the prophylactic dose can be up to 800 to 1000 units, which generally takes three months.

After three months, it can be changed to the usual dose of about 400 to 500 units.

To sum up: everyone needs to fully receive sunlight every day, sufficient sunlight can meet the vitamin D3 needed for the body to survive, to maintain a happy mood, people who are often depressed or emotional are more likely to appear A condition of vitamin deficiency.

Main diseases:

1. Prevention and treatment of vitamin D deficiency.

2. Chronic hypocalcemia, hypophosphatemia, rickets and osteomalacia with chronic renal insufficiency, familial hypophosphatemia.

3. Treatment of hypoparathyroidism (postoperative, idiopathic or pseudohypoparathyroidism).

4. Treatment of acute, chronic and potential post-operative tetany and idiopathic tetany.

Prevention and treatment of postmenopausal and geriatric osteoporosis.


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