Quercetin role and the efficacy

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Quercetin role and the efficacy

Quercetin role and the efficacy

1. Scavenge free radicals

Quercetin is a substance extracted from quercetin, but it can play an antioxidant role in the body and can react with excess free radicals in the body.

Free radicals can stimulate cells and damage cells, thereby causing premature aging of cells, premature aging of the body and other health problems.

However, after supplementing quercetin, it can promote the absorption of drugs, reduce the adverse reactions of free radicals, and play a role in reducing free radicals.
Long-term use can achieve antioxidant effect.

2. Anti-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory

Quercetin has high medicinal value, especially for inflammation in the body, which can play a certain anti-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory effect.

After infection and inflammation in the body, it can also cause problems with the digestive system and respiratory system.
Inflammation may also be caused by high levels of cyclooxygenase and plant oxygenase in the body.

After taking quercetin, it can inhibit the spread of inflammatory cells, prevent inflammation, and fight inflammation.

The harm of quercetin

Quercetin is extracted from plants and will not cause harm and influence to the body, but excessive supplementation is not recommended, because when the quercetin in the body is too high, it may cause kidney failure, so as long as it is within the normal range, There will be no harm.

It is generally recommended to take it half an hour after meals, and the daily dose does not exceed 500 mg.

After learning about the benefits and harms of quercetin, we have a new understanding of quercetin.

In general, many fruits and vegetables are rich in quercetin.

If quercetin is not absorbed properly from food, additional supplements can be made.
Quercetin has a good anti-inflammatory effect, so it is often used to treat arthritis, gout and other diseases, and also has a certain anti-cancer effect.

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