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  • Product Brand: HongHaoHerb
  • CAS           No:65666-07-1
  • Shelf        Life: 2 years
  • Appearance    :Yellow Brown Powder
  • Test    Method :HPLC
  • Used       part :Seed
  • Category Name: Herb Extracts

Ⅰ、 Product Description

Silymarin is a natural flavonoid lignan compound, which is a natural active substance extracted from the dried fruit of the Compositae plant Silymarin. Its main components are silybin, isotope Isosilybim, silydianin and silychristin. Silymarin is insoluble in water, easily soluble in acetone, ethyl acetate, methanol ethanol, and slightly soluble in chloroform.

Ⅱ 、Specification

PRODUCT NAME Silymarin extract
CAS No 65666-07-1
appearance Yellow Brown Powder
Test Method HPLC
Molecular formula C25H22O10

Ⅲ 、Sample

  1. 5g for free
  2. Convenient DHL,FEDEX,UPS and EMS service

Ⅰ What is silymarin extract?

Silymarin  extract is an antioxidant compound taken from milk thistle seeds.

Ⅱ What are the side effects of silymarin?

Some of the common side effects of Silymarin are:
Intestinal gas.
Fullness or pain in the stomach.
Loss of appetite.
Rashes and itching.

Ⅲ How does silymarin extract help the liver?

Silymarin  is actually a group of flavonoids (silibinin, silidianin, and silicristin), which are thought to help repair liver cells damaged by alcohol and other toxic substances. Silymarin also protects new liver cells from being destroyed by these same toxins.


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