Vitamin a function and the role

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Vitamin a function and the role

Vitamin a function can promote bone growth, promote growth and reproduction, be used as a nutritional supplement, and inhibit the development of tumors.

In addition, there are many things that contain vitamin A, such as pears, Chinese cabbage, eggplant, pumpkin, butter, and animal liver.

When you usually go to buy fruits or vegetables, you can pay more attention and add vitamin A appropriately.

Vitamin a is a very common nutrient in daily life.

Everyone will see advertisements about vitamin a in the media, and there are also many fruits and vegetables containing vitamin a.


But do you know what vitamin A is function?

Do you know the role and function of vitamin A?

1. What is vitamin a

Vitamin A, also known as anti-dry eye disease factor.

Among them, vitamin a1 is mainly found in the liver of saltwater fish and mammals;

Vitamin A2, mainly found in the liver of freshwater fish.

Vitamin A is an important component of rhodopsin that makes up the visual cells that sense low light.


Second, the role and efficacy of vitamin a

1. Nutritional supplements

In cosmetics, it is mainly used as a nutritional ingredient additive, which can prevent the skin from becoming rough and promote normal growth and development.

Although vitamin A has these functions and effects, if excessive intake is used, it will cause nausea, liver and spleen enlargement, headache and other problems.

Therefore, it is necessary to consume vitamin A in moderation.


2. Promote reproductive growth

When animals are deficient in vitamin A, their growth will be stagnant, which will affect the production of spermatocytes from the spermatic cord epithelium of male animals, and changes in the vaginal epithelium of female animals;

It also affects the epithelium of the placenta.


3. Promote the synthesis of immunoglobulin
Vitamin A  function can participate in the synthesis of glycoprotein, which is very important for the formation and development of epithelium.

When vitamin A is deficient, the synthesis of glycoproteins becomes abnormal, which accelerates cell division.


4. Maintain the normal growth and development of bones
When vitamin A is deficient, the balance between osteoclasts and osteoblasts is disrupted, or the formed bone is not resorbed;

If a pregnant woman is deficient in vitamin A, it will directly affect the growth and development of the baby.


5. Maintain normal dark vision

A slight lack of vitamin A will prolong the time of dark adaptation, and a severe lack of vitamin A will lead to night blindness.


6. Inhibit tumor
Clinical studies have shown that retinoids can prevent cancer and prevent the effects of chemical carcinogens.


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