Cistanche Tubulosa Extract Powder

    • Botanical Source: Cistanche Tubulosa
    • Appearance: Brown Gray to Brown Powder
    • Active Ingredients: Verbascoside 1%-50%,
    • Echinacoside 5%-50%
    • Part Used: Stem
    • Test Method: HPLC
    • Sample:5-10g Sample For free

What Is Cistanche Tubulosa Extract

Cistanche tubulosa extract is a compound gotten from the cistanche plant. Cistanche is a yearly parasitic plant initially from North America and East Asia, developing on sandy soils in the United States and northwestern China.Cistanche deserticola removal is utilized in human services, food supplements, and practical foods.

Cistanche Tubulosa Extract Specification

Product name Cistanche Tubulosa Extract
Specification Verbascoside 1%-50%, Echinacoside 5%-50%
Appearance Brown Gray to Brown Powder
Certificate ISO9001/Halal/Kosher/SC/Organic/BRC/SC
Part Used Stem
Sample 10g~50g free
Shelf time 2 years
Test Method HPLC
OEM Service We accept private label service
Mesh 80 Mesh

Cistanche Tubulosa Extract Benefits

  • Improve brain learning and memory functions. In desert-living rats, Cistanche deserticola extract improved brain function by restoring its neurons damaged by apoptosis.
  • It contains echinacoside, one of the active ingredients. By regulating the level of reactive oxygen species, it can protect damaged fibroblasts.
  • Cistanche deserticola extract can hamper the activity of reactive oxygen species. Thus playing an anti-aging effect.
  • It contains echinacoside and acteoside, both of which have been shown to enhance sexual activity.
  • Cistanche tubulosa extract has been shown to increase the gene expression of enzymes involved in male hormone production. This suggests that this herb may be beneficial for men’s health.

Cistanche Tubulosa Extract Application

  • Various food and drink recipes.
  • Health care products and medicine.
  • A variety of health care products for its purported health benefits.
  • Formulas for cosmetics and health care products.
  • Ingredient in energy drinks.

Cistanche Tubulosa Extract Sample

5-10g for free
Convenient DHL,FEDEX,UPS and EMS service

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