Artemisinin Extract Manufacturer

    Artemisinin Extract Manufacturer
    Sample:5-10g Sample For free
    CAS No:63968-64-9
    Shelf Life: 2 years
    Appearance :Colorless needle crystal
    Test Method :HPLC
    Used part :unknown
    Category Name: Herb Extracts

Artemisinin Extract Product Description

Artemisinin is the most effective drug for treating malaria drug resistance. Combination therapy with artemisinin-based drugs is also the most effective and important means of treating malaria at present.

Artemisinin Extract Specification

PRODUCT NAME Artemisinin extract powder
CAS No 63968-64-9
appearance Colorless needle crystal
Test Method HPLC
Molecular formula C15H22O5

Artemisinin Extract Function

  • anti-malarial
  • Antitumor
  • Immunomodulatory
  • Antifungal

What is Artemisinin extract used for?

Artemisinin extract has been widely used for the treatment of malaria for the past two decades. Additionally, artemisinin is known to have antibacterial, antifungal, antileishmanial, antioxidant, antitumor, and anti-inflammatory activity

What is Artemisinin extract?

Abstract. Ethnopharmacological relevance: Artemisia annua L. has been used for millennia in Southeast Asia to treat “fever”. Many infectious microbial and viral diseases have been shown to respond to A. annua and communities around the world use the plant as a medicinal tea, especially for treating malaria.

What is artemisinin extracted from?

Artemisinin is extracted from Artemisia annua, a shrub also known as sweet wormwood that was used in traditional medicine in Asia for more than 1500 years.

What is Artemisia extract side effects?

Wormwood (Artemisia absinthium) is an herb used in the alcoholic drinks vermouth and absinthe. Its oil contains the chemical thujone, which may be poisonous. The thujone in wormwood oil excites the central nervous system and can cause seizures and other adverse effects.

What does Artemisia do in the body?

Artemisia species are widely used in traditional medicine all over the world with different and well-known therapeutic applications. They exhibit anti-inflammatory, antitumor, antioxidant, antispasmodic, antimicrobial, insecticidal, antimalarial, antifungal, and antioxidant activities.

Is Artemisia poisonous to humans?

Artemisia absinthium (wormwood, grand wormwood, absinthe, absinthium, absinthe wormwood, mugwort, wermout, wermud, wormit, wormod) is a moderately poisonous species of Artemisia native to temperate regions of Eurasia and North Africa, and widely naturalized in Canada and the northern United States.

How do you drink  Artemisinin extract tea?

Let 1/2 to 1 teaspoon of dried wormwood leaves sit in one cup (250 mL) of boiling water. Let it sit for five to 10 minutes; the longer it steeps, the more bitter the flavor. Add peppermint, honey, or lemon juice to taste (not required).

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