vitamin b1 The role and efficacy

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vitamin b1 The role and efficacy

Vitamins neither participate in the cells that make up human tissues, nor provide the human body with energy for metabolism, but play an important role in the process of human growth, metabolism, and development, mainly assisting in the regulation of body metabolism.

Vitamin B1 is in the form of white crystals, also known as thiamine.

When exposed to light and heat, it will decompose and its effect will decrease, so it should be stored in a shaded and cool place. Mild vitamin B1 deficiency occurs more or less in the normal population, but it is easy to be ignored.

The role and efficacy of vitamin B1

1. Promote growth and development, and help digestion, especially the digestion of carbohydrates, which is related to the basic metabolism of the human body.

2. Ensure normal physical activity, promote gastrointestinal motility and the effect on nerve tissue, so that people have a good mental outlook.

3. It can increase people’s appetite and effectively prevent motion sickness and seasickness.

4. It can relieve the pain after dental surgery.

lack of vitamin B1

1. Deficiency can lead to oral ulcers. The human body cannot produce enough skin and mucous membrane cells to replace the lost cells, and a gap will occur. There is a wound on the affected area, which is commonly referred to as getting angry.

2. Lack of vitamin B1 is also one of the causes of cervical erosion in women.

3. Maintain blood circulation, respiration and digestion to maintain normal functions. Lack of it will cause loss of appetite, irritability and fatigue, dry skin, etc., which may lead to liver damage, etc. The most likely disease is beriberi.


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