Quillaja saponaria extract

  • Product Brand: HongHaoHerb
  • CAS           No:68990-67-0
  • Shelf        Life: 2 years
  • Appearance    :Brown Fine Powder
  • Test    Method :TLC
  • Used       part :Bark
  • Category Name: Herb Extracts

Ⅰ  Product Description

Quillaja saponaria extract (also spelled “quillaia”) is a type of herbal extract  this is brown powder made from bark of the soapbark tree.It has a sweet, pungent odor. The word quillay is derived from the native Mapuche word quillean, which means “to wash.”

Ⅱ Specification

Product Name Quillaja saponaria extract
Botanical Source Quillaja saponaria
Part USed Bark
Sepcification 10%-50% SAPONINS
Test Method UV
Appearance Brown Fine Powder

Ⅲ Function

1.With the function of laxation, which will facilitate water.
2.Quillaja saponaria extract With the function of relaxating muscle.
3.With the function of antibacterial, such as inhibiting staphylococcus aureus, salmonella typhi and escherichia coli.
4.Increasing platelet and fibrinogen, which will help stop bleeding.

Ⅳ Sample

1.20g-50g sample for free
2.Convenient DHL,FEDEX,UPS and EMS service


sunflower lecithin of the efficacy

Sweet Leaf Sweet Drops are made with Stevia leaf and something called Quillaja, another natural plant extract. Both are natural and will not cause GI symptoms or raise your blood sugar.
Quillaja saponaria extract (also spelled “quillaia”) is a dark brown liquid made from the logs and bark of the soapbark tree. It has a sweet, pungent odor.
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