Pyrroloquinoline Quinone(PQQ)Powder

    • Grade:Cosmetic Grade / Food Grade
    • Specification:99%
    • Appearance:Brown Red powder
    • Test Method:HPLC
    • MOQ:1kg
    • Sample:10g-50gFree Sample
    • Shelf time:2 years

What is PQQ (Pyrroloquinoline Quinone) Powder?

PQQ (pyrroloquinoline quinone), also called methoxatin, is a vitamin-like compound that exists naturally in soil and a variety of foods, including spinach, kiwi, soybeans, and human breastmilk .

PQQ’s exact function in humans remains somewhat undetermined, but it’s renowned for its potent antioxidant effects. It’s also thought to be involved in a variety of cellular processes, including protecting nerve cells against damage .

What’s more, PQQ supports proper mitochondrial function and the cellular development of new mitochondria, though its exact mechanisms are still unclear .

Mitochondria are specialized structures inside your cells that are responsible for producing energy from the foods you eat.

Product name Pyrroloquinoline Quinone PQQ Powder
Specification 99%
Appearance Brown Red powder
Certificate ISO9001/Halal/Kosher/SC/Organic/BRC/SC
MOQ 1kg
Sample 10g~50g free
Shelf time 2 years
Test Method HPLC
OEM Service We accept private label service

What are PQQ (Pyrroloquinoline Quinone) supplements?

When taken as a supplement, PQQ is classified as a nootropic. Nootropics are substances used to enhance brain functions like memory, mental focus, motivation, and creativity .

PQQ supplements are manufactured via a unique bacterial fermentation process. The PQQ is harvested from certain bacteria that naturally produce this compound as a byproduct of their metabolism.

PQQ supplements are typically sold as capsules or soft gels, but they’re occasionally available as chewable tablets or lozenges.

Benefits of PQQ (Pyrroloquinoline Quinone) Powder

  • Antioxidant

PQQ is an antioxidant and, according to research, it is more successful at combating free radicals than vitamin C.

  • ‌Mitochondrial dysfunction

The mitochondria are the energy core of cells. Any problems with the mitochondria can lead to diabetes, heart problems, and cancer. But luckily, there are steps we can take to prevent mitochondrial damage, like exercising, having a balanced diet, and reducing stress.

Additionally, research on animals has shown that PQQ supplements can help to correct mitochondrial problems and even create new mitochondria.

  • Supporting cardiovascular health

As a powerful antioxidant, pyrroloquinoline quinone (PQQ) provides mitochondria support and encourages proper cellular oxygen utilization. PQQ has been shown in studies to support myocardial function, and by extension, heart health. In addition, by restoring vitality, PQQ prevents oxidative stress.

  • Increasing Cell Energy

Because mitochondria produce energy for cells, and PQQ helps mitochondria work more efficiently, there is an overall increase in energy in cells. This is the mitochondrial mechanism of pyrroloquinoline quinone. Unused cellular energy is diverted to other parts of the body.

If your body lacks motivation throughout the day, or if you feel tired or lethargic, increasing the strength of your PPQ is essential for you. In one study, individuals who reported having energy problems showed significantly lower levels of fatigue after taking PQQ.

  • Preventing cognitive decline

As research progresses, scientists have found that nerve growth factor (NGF) can promote growth and healing. Meanwhile, PQQ has been shown to have a positive effect on NGF and increase nerve growth by 40 times.

NGF plays a key role in the formation and maintenance of new neurons, and can also restore damaged neurons that may impede cognitive function. Neurons are cells that send information to the brain so that it can communicate with the rest of the body.

By increasing the number and quality of neurons, cognition can be enhanced. Therefore, PQQ provides a short-term improvement in cognitive function.


Notice: The above questions and answers are from the Internet and are for reference only. Please consult your doctor for specific circumstances.

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